Journal Story and Character Ideas

Are you stopped in mid thought or kept awake at night thinking of story plots for that story that you don’t think you are capable of writing? Try writing them down in a journal. Sounds too easy right?

I keep a journal in my night stand for those nights when an idea will simply not leave my thoughts. You do not even need complete ideas…you just have to start writing. Sometimes it may be a plot, or an idea for an interesting character. In my journal I have starts to stories, pages filled with descriptions of feelings, and basically anything else I feel like throwing in there.

There are lots of websites that have story ideas to get you started. They will provide you with different types of ideas maybe you make a list of the things that scare you. For me it’s crickets and loss. Some provide you with two words that you then develop an idea around. Maybe ship and ring for instance and you simply plot out a story about finding a ring on a ship or losing one etc…the possibilities are endless.

You may also find it helpful to people watch being careful to pay close attention to their hand gestures or other characteristics. For instance, the girl who twirls her hair as she looks intently into the blue eyes of the boy speaking to her. How about the girl with long chestnut brown hair who has been taking pictures of herself for more than five minutes being sure to rearrange her hair after each shot.

There are also other sites, who provide you with a random picture of a person. Your job is to provide this Jane or John Doe with a name, career,  and personality. Each detail that you provide for him or her can lead to a story character. Often the character building itself can lead to a story.


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